We at Hatch Realty Group aim to forge lasting relationships with our clients. We hope to connect with you on a personal level in order to understand your needs and best serve you in reaching your real estate goals.  To kick off this blog series, Thelma Tunque shares a little more about herself so you can get to know her as both the person and the agent helping you buy and sell homes. 



As a wife, mom, manager, and realtor, I value my personal time with my family and close friends.  I love baking with my daughters and enjoy a simple movie night with my husband, Dalton (preferably scary movies). For fun, I enjoy family road trips. My favorite time of the year is Halloween and Christmas.  


Christmas 2017


Road Trip to Universal Studios 


Halloween with Interface Engineering team


What drives me to keep going are my children. I have a personal goal to save enough funds to cover my kids' college tuition and would like to see them become successful in the future. The legacy I want to leave for my children is to never go down without a fight and to keep in mind that hard work and perseverance is key to success. Life can be tough but I know they are tougher and hopefully one day they will grow into strong women who will inspire others. 


Gum Wall, Spring Break in Seattle


I became a real estate agent in 2006 and purchased my first property at the age of 25 in Millbrae where we raised our two daughters, Tiffany and Desiree.  After surviving the economic downturn in 2008, my husband and I purchased our 2nd property in Daly City.  The plan is to build more equity at my current property before making my next move.  


Playing tourist at Ghirardelli Square


I chose to pursue my passion in real estate to help other families, like my own, attain their dream of becoming a homeowner to build equity as opposed to helping their landlord build theirs. My clients have their own personal story and helping them achieve their goal is what motivates me.  I have helped clients convert from a renter to a homeowner and that's the most rewarding part of my job.  Happy clients, happy realtor. 


Family picture with my parents and younger brother